21 Plant-Based Foods That Are Great For Traveling

Rican Vegan 21 Vegan Travel Foods

Whenever I travel I always pack several snacks and a sandwich in my carryon bag.  It’s not just because I always need a supply of food with me wherever I go but to also ensure that I have access to nutritious food.  Not only is it cheaper to travel with my own food but I won’t be as tempted to eat junk food I find along the way if I already have my favorite foods with me.

Prior to switching to a plant-based diet, I would scout an airport’s website to see what fast food restaurants were there and plan where I was going to eat at when I got there.  Nowadays I still scout an airport’s restaurant directory before traveling but now I’m checking to see if there are any healthy plant-based options offered.  If there isn’t then I make a shopping list of plant-based foods I want to bring for the trip. Then the night before I travel, I’ll go to the supermarket to buy any ingredients I may need and prep any meals if necessary. When I get to the airport all I need to get is some water after passing through security and I’m all set.

Below are 21 plant-based foods that are great for traveling:

  1. Nut butter sandwich
  2. Instant oatmeal packets
  3. Granola bars
  4. Vegan protein powders
  5. Stevia or agave sweeteners
  6. Hummus wrap
  7. Seeds (flax, hemp, chia, sunflower, etc.)
  8. Raw nuts
  9. Fresh fruit (if flying internationally buy them at the airport after passing through security and eat them before landing at your destination)
  10. Cut up raw vegetables
  11. Tea packets
  12. Homemade trail mix
  13. Whole grain crackers
  14. Kale chips
  15. Vegan protein bars
  16. Unsweetened dried fruit
  17. Veggie burger
  18. Salads (dressing must be in a container no bigger than 3 ounces if flying)
  19. Veggie sushi
  20. Fruit and nut bars
  21. Nut butter in to go packets

Pick and choose from this list and you won’t go hungry on your next trip.

See the snacks I took with me for my latest road trip in the video below.

Have any comments or questions about these vegan travel foods?  Let us know in the comment section below!

Rican Vegan Travel Friendly Plant-Based Foods

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