1. I am really excited to see fellow Latinos follow a plant-based lifestyle. I am currently in the transition stage which has been exciting yet a bit difficult to break some habits but I am going to continue on with this. I have a lot of different health problems that I feel being vegan has helped me with and I am definitely into learning about the cheeses because I love cheese! So if there are different ways I can have the taste of cheese without actually eating dairy product that would be awesome so continue on with what you’re doing, be proud to be boricua as I am and continue on with what you’re doing because it’s going to pay off. I can already tell that it has. Thanks so much for putting yourself out there to help others with their journey on veganism.

    • Thank you so much! I will continue to come up with different ways to help more people like you to see the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle and help them make that change.

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