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The 11 Cooking Appliances That Will Make You Want To Cook Healthy

Cooking and eating healthy go hand in hand.  Whether you are just starting out on your weight loss journey or have been eating healthy for years, cooking your own meals is the best way to go to stay on track.  The word “cooking” usually scares those who don’t cook or don’t know how to but it doesn’t have to be complicated. You don’t have to go to culinary school and become a chef in order to cook healthy meals.  All you need is a few good kitchen appliances and a healthy recipe to cook up a nutritious dish in minutes. […Read More]

Rican Vegan Jamba Quiet Blend Blender Review
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How Does This Blender Compete With The Others

Disclosure: I received a Jamba Quiet Blend blender to use in order to conduct this review. All my opinions are my own. Nowadays when customers are shopping for a new blender they are looking for one that does it all. A multifunctional machine that can blend, make juice, chop and grind all in one machine. The Jamba Quiet Blend Blender is one of the newest all in one blenders available now for purchase. Yes, Jamba Juice now sells blenders! How cool is that?! I recently had the opportunity to put this blender to the test to see how it compares […Read More]

Rican Vegan Ninja Coffee Bar
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How To Make A Better Cup Of Coffee With The Ninja Coffee Bar

Disclosure: I received a Ninja Coffee Bar to use in order to conduct this review. All my opinions are my own. When I was asked if I could review the Ninja Coffee Bar, I was ecstatic because I finally had a chance to actually make coffee shop quality coffee at home! I love drinking those pretty specialty coffee drinks sold at coffeehouses but buying one everyday can add up and put a dent in my wallet. I’ve attempted to make blended and iced coffee at home before with a regular coffee maker but it never worked out. The coffee always had a watered down taste from the ice that I didn’t like. Now that the Ninja Coffee Bar has come into my life, I no longer […Read More]