Rican Vegan Mango Pineapple Smoothie Bowl

Mango Piña Smoothie Bowl

Looking for a sweet treat that you won’t feel guilty about eating afterwards? Then you found the right recipe. This mango piña smoothie bowl is a cross between a smoothie and ice cream. It’s basically a thick smoothie that has the same creamy and smooth texture of ice cream without the added sugar. The recipe for this smoothie bowl is easy to make and contains simple ingredients. I like to make my own smoothie bowls at home because it is much cheaper than buying it at a juice bar or vegan restaurant. I made this smoothie bowl out of two […Read More]

Rican Vegan Baked Sweet Potato Chips

How These Healthy Sweet Potato Chips Will Make You Drool

Once in awhile I’ll get the urge to snack on some crunchy potato chips. I especially enjoy eating sweet potato chips because of their natural sweet flavor that is so much more appetizing than the flavor of its white potato counterpart. I try not to buy the regular size bags of chips because I know I will eat the entire bag by myself plus now I find regular chips to be too salty for me. The solution to satisfy my urge and avoid buying processed potato chips is to make them myself. Making your own baked potato chips at home […Read More]