Rican Vegan Sazon

How To Make An Easy Sazon Seasoning That Is All Natural

Yum Years ago I went to see a comedy show at Caroline’s Comedy Club in New York City. One of the comedians performing that evening was Puerto Rican and during his stand up he explained what it’s like to grow up in the Puerto Rican culture. He talked about the way Puerto Ricans do certain things and touched upon the way we cook. He specifically brought up sazon and his explanation of what it is was not only funny but very accurate. He said “Latinos love seasoning everything with sazon! It comes in a little packet and makes everything in […Read More]

Rican Vegan Recao puerto rican cooking base recipe

How To Create The Best Puerto Rican Seasoning In The World

Yum While growing up, every once in a while I would stumble into the kitchen and find the counter filled with a bunch of different colored peppers, herbs and onions.  One of two things was happening, either the farmers market moved into our kitchen or my mother was preparing to make a batch of recaito.  Recaito or recao is a cooking base used to build the flavor in Puerto Rican recipes such as rice and beans, stews and soups.  It’s made up of different green herbs and vegetables found locally and in Latin countries. My mother would go to our […Read More]

Rican Vegan No Salt Adobo Seasoning

How To Boost Your Next Meal With This Adobo Seasoning

Yum As a child when it was close to dinner time I would always lurk around the kitchen to see when dinner was going to be ready.  I would stand in the entrance of our kitchen and watch my mother as she washed, chopped up and seasoned the ingredients that would make up our meal for the evening.  When she looked over at me she would tell me to give her the adobo.  Adobo is like the secret ingredient you can never go wrong with.  It’s a dry rub seasoning that is used in the preparation of the meat in […Read More]