Rican Vegan Vegan Pernil aka Roasted Pork Chunks

How to Make Your Favorite Pork Dishes Healthier With Jackfruit

Yum Growing up in the Puerto Rican culture, food plays an important role in our daily lives. There are three types of food Puerto Ricans tend to eat on a regular basis which are rice, beans, and of course meat. When it comes to meat, Puerto Ricans consume their fair share of chicken and beef but when it comes to pork they just can’t resist eating it. Puerto Ricans love pork especially roasted pork aka pernil in Spanish. My family did not make pernil on a regular basis, just on the holidays or for special occasions. When we ate it, […Read More]


How To Make An Easy and Savory Butternut Squash Salad

Yum The autumn season is a transition period where many cities in the northern states begin experiencing unpredictable weather changes.  During this time, we still have some days of summer weather so we still want to eat something light. Then from one day to the next the temperature drops 20 degrees and we are searching for our jackets and something hearty and warm to eat. I remember living in New York City during the early autumn months and wanting to eat my favorite summer dishes and treats when those sporadic summer weather days came.  It was great because it was […Read More]

Rican Vegan Rave Apple Quinoa Salad

Here Are Some Reasons Why You Need To Try The Rave Apple Now

Yum Disclosure: I was given Stemilt’s Rave™ apples to create this recipe.  All my opinions are my own. Fall is quickly approaching so it’s time to sink my teeth into some crisp and juicy apples.  Not only am I going to be raving about apples in this post, I’m actually going to tell you about the newest apple variety from Stemilt Growers, the Rave™ apple. After 20 years in the making, the Rave™ apple is making its debut in the produce section.  It is a cross between a HoneyCrisp and MonArk apple.  These apples are exclusively grown and sold by […Read More]

Rican Vegan garlic aioli mushroom pizza

This Is The Best Garlic Aioli Mushroom Pizza You Will Have

Yum When it comes to eating out, it can be hard to find a restaurant that is vegan or veg friendly, especially in my neighborhood.  Although there are more vegan restaurants opening up in the Miami area which is great, they are all located about 30 minutes to 1 hour away from where I live.  Not convenient for me at all and my family usually doesn’t want to drive too far to go out and eat.  I on the other hand will travel for good food. I used to commute anywhere from 45 minutes to 1 ½ hours every day […Read More]

Rican Vegan Triple B Salad

How To Make A Spinach Salad That Is Full of Antioxidants

Yum This Triple B Spinach Salad with Blueberry Pomegranate Dressing is an original recipe I created and entered into the #BlueberryToss Contest for the 2016 Food and Wine Conference. The Food and Wine Conference is a food blogger conference where bloggers can attend to learn new skills to improve their blog or to expand their blog into other areas. It takes place annually in Orlando, FL and this year’s conference is from May 13-15, 2016. I am excited to be able to attend this year’s conference since this will be my second time attending and I had a blast last […Read More]

Rican Vegan Stewed Oyster Mushrooms Setas Guisadas

The Easy Way To Make Oyster Mushrooms That Will Make You Want More

Yum If you would have told me four years ago that in the future I would actually like eating mushrooms and choose it as an meal option I probably wouldn’t believe you. Prior to eating a plant-based diet I couldn’t stand the sight of mushrooms. They did not look appetizing to me and I wouldn’t even try them. If they were incorporated into any food I ordered at a restaurant I would pick them out and push them to the edge of my plate in disgust. It was only until I started eating more veggie-based meals and learning how to […Read More]

Rican Vegan Mushroom and Lentil Poutine

How To Make A Healthy And Flavorful Poutine

Yum Poutine. If you’re American there is a good chance that you’ve never heard of it. I’ll fill you in. Poutine is a Canadian dish consisting of french fries, gravy and cheese curds. I found out about poutine years ago when I saw it being made on a Food Network show. It looked like something I would want to taste at least once in my life but since I wasn’t going to Canada anytime soon I figured I would never get the chance to try it.   That chance actually came last year and I didn’t have to go to […Read More]