What Are The Best Spring Time Fruits and Vegetables?

Spring has sprung and you know what that means?  The weather is getting warmer, the flowers are blooming, and there’s a new collection of fruits and vegetables that are in season right now.  Spring time fruits like lychee and pineapple help refresh your body for the warmer weather that’s ahead. The fruits and vegetables on this list will not only save you money during the spring season but taste better as well. The majority of fruits and vegetables are available year-round which makes us forget that the availability of certain foods is supposed to change when the seasons change.  This […Read More]

Vegan, Vegetarian and Plant-Based – What’s the Difference?

Many people think that vegetarian, vegan and plant-based are one in the same.  Although they do share some similarities they are also different.  I did a live blog post on our Facebook page to explain what those differences are. Watch the replay below! Follow Rican Vegan on Facebook to watch the next live broadcast and turn on notifications for all posts and live videos so you can receive alerts when we are live.  For more information on The Spark Program click here and to schedule your FREE strategy call with me click here.

21 Plant-Based Foods That Are Great For Traveling

Whenever I travel I always pack several snacks and a sandwich in my carryon bag.  It’s not just because I always need a supply of food with me wherever I go but to also ensure that I have access to nutritious food.  Not only is it cheaper to travel with my own food but I won’t be as tempted to eat junk food I find along the way if I already have my favorite foods with me. Prior to switching to a plant-based diet, I would scout an airport’s website to see what fast food restaurants were there and plan […Read More]

35 Fruits and Vegetables That Are In Season In The Winter

Cold temperatures, snow, and gray skies may come to mind when you think about winter.  The winter months of December-February may be some of the coldest months of the year for anyone living in the northern hemisphere, but it is during these months when some of the tastiest and nutritious fruits and vegetables are in season. Refreshing fruits such as oranges and grapefruit can brighten up your winter days.  Hearty root vegetables such as squash and sweet potatoes can be roasted or added to a soup to keep your body warm. The winter season may seem like a drag but […Read More]

25 Fruits and Vegetables That Are in Season in the Fall

When the leaves start changing colors and the weather gets cooler, it’s a sign that the fall season is here. Where ever you go everything is flavored with pumpkin. The days are getting longer and we finally get back that extra hour we lost during daylight savings time!! From mid-September to mid-December, the fall season prepares us for the upcoming winter months, but also provides us with a bounty of fruits and vegetables. Although you can find many of the fruits and vegetables that are in season during the fall throughout the year, this is the perfect time to buy […Read More]

6 Tips on How to Eat Vegan and Plant-Based When Traveling

When it comes to traveling either for business or pleasure there are a lot of questions to think about. What are you going to take? Where are we going to stay? How are we getting there? When you are a vegan or eat a plant-based diet there is another question that comes to mind. Where am I going to eat? Traveling for a vegan or a someone who eats a plant-based diet may seem to be difficult or impossible but it really isn’t. True some travel destinations may have more vegan and plant-based friendly restaurants than others but it is […Read More]

Sugar Aliases – 56 of The Most Common and Uncommon Names for Sugar

When it comes to making desserts taste so sweet the only ingredient that comes to mind is sugar. Nowadays sugar is added to so many different foods, not only desserts, and it is not being labeled as “sugar” on the ingredients label but by one or several of its pseudonyms. Unfortunately, sugar has 56 names it goes by making it difficult to avoid if you don’t know what names to look out for. Consumers may not be aware that sugar is added to 80% of the foods we eat. The American Heart Association recommends a daily allowance of 6-9 teaspoons […Read More]

Who’s Got Your Back? Why It’s Important for Your Health

If anyone knows how to take care of your back it is Dr. Brittany Holliday. Dr. Holliday is one of two practicing chiropractors at the Mind and Body Wellness Studio in Pinecrest, FL. She has been a chiropractor for 5 years helping patients get relief from pain by treating their spinal misalignments and improving their quality of life. As a chiropractor, Dr. Holliday’s main goal is to ensure that the spines of her patients are aligned in order for their nervous system to function properly. When the spine is aligned the body is able to heal itself naturally without any […Read More]

How To Improve Your Sleep To Be Healthier

How do you react when your alarm clock goes off in the morning? When that loud startling sound blares through your clock’s speakers one of three scenarios may come in to play. In the first scenario you think to yourself “It can’t be time to wake up, I just fell asleep.” The second scenario may sound something like this “Noooooooo! I don’t want to get up!! I need more time to sleep!!!” In the third scenario you are just hitting the snooze button several times before getting out of bed 30 minutes later. If getting up in the morning for […Read More]

Here Are The Tips That Your Body Will Reward You For Following

Who doesn’t want to be fit and healthy? We all want to lead healthier lives. Whether it is for medical or emotional reasons, we are concerned with the way we physically look and feel. We see people who have toned muscular bodies as attractive and happy and we want that for ourselves. The problem is that when it comes down to doing the work, we realize that it can be a challenge and will require some behavioral changes that we may or may not be comfortable doing. Then again if it was easy, we would all have rock hard abs. […Read More]

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